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updated tue 9 feb 99


Barbara Lewis on thu 4 feb 99

Dear Clayarters: First of all, let me thank all who responded. The
overwhelming responses were along the lines of -- "it's unfortunate, but
don't let your anger get the best of you. Pursue it with a letter to the
editor." Some responses were made to me privately and it's amazing how we
all appear to be on the same page.

After I made my post to Clayart, I was still pretty shaken so I called the
CM Editor Ruth Butler. I explained the situation. What she told me was
that Mee-Kyung had sent her a catalog of an exhibition she had at the
university where she teaches in Korea (she sent me one as well). The
exhibition comprised saggar work, polymer clay pieces and some low-fire
glazed work. CM was not interested in featuring polymer clay work and they
asked that she send information on the saggar fired work. What Mee-Kyung
sent apparently was the paper I had prepared, a copy of which I had given
her. Their (CM's) initial reaction was that the paper did not appear to be
a translation from Korean to English -- it flowed too easily, but they
didn't pursue it. Ruth did say that in the future CM would be more

What Ruth suggested I do is to write a letter or e-mail to Mee-Kyung
expressing my disappointment and concerns and that I ask her to send a
"letter to the editor" correcting the misperceptions. Ruth advised that I
personally draft the letter for Mee-Kyung's signature. She also encouraged
me to submit an article for publication in CM -- which I will do. I have
taken her suggestion and e-mailed Mee-Kyung last night. I haven't heard
anything yet. However, I'm feeling much better and realize that Mee-Kyung's
article really takes nothing from me. It's just one of those episodes along
the bumpy road of life.

Of course, my husband put everything in perspective. After reading the CM
article he said, "Congratulations Barbara. You got an article in CM -- they
just spelled your name wrong!!!"
Wellspring Clayworks
5412 Well Spring Road
La Plata, MD 20646

colleen on mon 8 feb 99

Dear Barbara and Clayarters,

I read the Ceramics Monthly Article and was surprised myself that there
was no mention of Barbara Lewis because I was aware of the circumstances...
Let me tell you folks, Barbara is one of those special people who is always
sharing of herself and giving knowledge to others. I can understand her
disappointment with a friend, and a blown opportunity for recognition as a
I also think Mee-Kyung was doing self promotion and didn't mean to
slight Barbara...something must have got lost in the translation...
Don't worry, Barbara...many of us know what happened and will continue
to appreciate your kindness!

Colleen A. Schneider