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fireproofing textiles / m.s.d.s boric acid

updated thu 4 feb 99


Khaimraj Seepersad on wed 3 feb 99

To all intending to use Boric Acid ,
M.S.D.S. North American Chemical Co. [ excerpt ] 3 - 10 - 94

Irritant to eyes , nose , throat and lungs .If swallowed , long term effects
may include reproductive and fetal
abnormalities .
ori - infant LDLo 934 mg / kg
Primary Routes of entry - Ingestion [swallowing ] , eyes , damaged skin ,
and inhalation [ breathing ]
BE AWARE from khaimraj Seepersad

p.s. looks like sugar / has been swallowed because of this / mothers
accidentally using in baby formula

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From: Anj Campbell
Date: 02 February 1999 13:07
Subject: fireproofing textiles

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These are from THE FORMULA MANUAL by Norman H. Stark (Stark Research
Corp., Cedarburg WI 53012) pp 8-9

I have absolutely no idea how well they will work, nor do I have
further details on the mixing and soaking times, but here goes:

Fireproofing textiles
Ingredients: 1/2 cup ammonium phosphate
1 cup ammonium chloride
3 pints water
Stir the ammoniae into the water. Soak the cloth in the solution for
a few minutes, wring out, and hang up to dry. Cloth must be retreated
after each exposure to water.

Fireproofing synthetic fabrics
Ingredients: 1 cup Boric acid
1 gallon water

Dissolve the boric acid in water. Soak the fabric in the mixture and
hang it up to dry. Retreat the fabric after each laundering. This
may be done by adding boric acid to the final rinse water in the
washing machine.

Good luck, and keep a fire extinguisher handy just in case!

Anj Campbell
in upstate NY where the snowdrifts are no longer 5 feet high!
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