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updated fri 29 jan 99


Dannon Rhudy on thu 28 jan 99

David Hendley will be in Paris (Texas) on Saturday, February

20, to do on workshop on creative use of the extruder.

The workshop will be at Paris Junior College, Art Department/Ceramics

(annex 3). 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The workshop is free and open

to the public.
Any clayart folks who would like to come to the

workshop, let me know - just email me directly, not to clutter

the list. I can provide directions, etc. Their will be

a pot-luck lunch, courtesy of the ceramics students. Coffee, etc.

David is a frequent contributor to this list, and a long-time,

potter. He'll show us some innovative ways to incorporate the use

of the extruder in the studio - we're not just talking handles, here,

Y'all join us - should be some fun. David will do all the work, and

us entertained - we can just sit back, drink coffee & etc.,

think to ourselves "why didn't I think of that????".

Dannon Rhudy