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the ray carlton kiln

updated sat 6 dec 97


Ray Carlton on fri 5 dec 97

a great big thanks to all who have replied to my questions regarding my new

i know i know it was dumb to try and bring it on stream during the biggest
rush time in the year but there you go that's the way things happen at my

i had the gas man and a plumber here last weekend and we discovered that
the problem lay in the delivery pipes [pigtails ] to the primary regulator
at the bottles. we increased the size here to 3/8" and the tee piece to
3/4" and puy on a heavy duty regulator and it worked... I got to temp
easily with a little bit of pressure to spare. I intend to increase the
size of the pigtails even more as i still feel i need a little more
headroom, to vince pitelka yeah i want fire at high pressure dunno why most
people i know around here do the same 2" delivery lines are unheard of in
these parts.. we use propane which comes from the bottle at around 200 psi

any how thanks to all again and all i need to do now is get those copper
reds working agin and i'm back in business

Ray Carlton
McMahons Creek Victoria Australia 3799