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red/pink/purple/mauve ^6 oxidation

updated mon 10 nov 97


wildweed on sun 9 nov 97

I am going to try to make up some of the glaze that was mentioned
before and realize that I don't have any Tin Oxide. It was mentioned
that the combination of the tin oxide and chrome oxide caused the glaze
to turn pink/red/purple/mauve. Can I substitute zircopax for tin oxide
and have the same results or should I try to get my hands on some tin
oxide? I really appreciate any help with this matter. Here is the
originial recipe:

Nepheline Syenite 16
Whiting 20
Gerstley Borate 21
Kaolin 11
Silica 32
Tin Oxide 5
Chrome Oxide 0.15

TIA - Annie