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updated sat 22 nov 97


Craig Martell on fri 21 nov 97


Someone sent a post in today suggesting that a kiln will drop 2 cones in
temperature when you introduce wood in packets through the side ports, or
salt, soda, or whatever you wish to throw in.

I think there is some confusion about what a side port is. Usually, ports
are no larger in area than a 2.5" x 4.5" brick cross section. This is the
size of the 2 salt ports on my kiln. When I salt, they are open for about
20 seconds at a time, max, and the pyrometer records no drop in temp. Sure,
you are going to pull in some cool, extra secondary air and there will be a
slight drop in temp., but it is VERY small, and unrecordable by instruments
such as a pyrometer. The thermocouple on my kiln is about a foot away from
one of the ports.

As many of you already know, materials are introduced through all kinds of
ports into all kinds of kilns all the time with miniscule temp loss.

regards, Craig Martell-Oregon