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marie woo workshop

updated sun 26 oct 97


Pattersonn on sat 25 oct 97

Georgia State University in Atlanta just held a Marie Woo workshop and this
ClayArt lurker would like to share with you some of my impressions of the two
days we spent with her.

Simply put, she was marvelous! She has a comfortable manner and a wonderful
laugh. She is very generous in spirit, experiences and information. She
shared a glimpse of living in Japan and Thailand and frequent travels
including a recent trip to China touring kiln sites which she included in her
slide presentation.

Clay takes on life in her hands. As the clay turns through her hands,
suddenly, before your very eyes (yet you don't quite SEE it happen -- like
magic), the form begins a pulse. It's quite astounding. The lines she tools
into the forms have a quality of elegance and grace -- seemingly perfectly

After the workshop, Marie spent a couple of hours in a critique session with
the ceramics graduate students. This more personal interation was also
meaningful and substantive. I believe that each of us found encouragement and
constructive insight.

I recommend a Marie Woo workshop. It is a rich experience. She has a
presence that will long be remembered and relished!

If anyone wants more info, feel free to e-mail me!

Margaret Patterson -- Atlanta
-- where leaves are beginning to show fall color