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fl clay workshops

updated wed 22 jul 98


Linda Arbuckle on tue 21 jul 98

Hello Diane,

I don't know if you want hands-on workshops or if demo only will do.
Most of the educational venues have 1-2 day demo-type workshops, no

Stetson Univ. in Deland, FL sponsors a very active artists' series in
clay. Contact Stetson U: (904) 822-7266. Free to the public. Usually 2
day demo-only workshops (no hands on). They usually publish a nice black
and white poster for the season.

Dr. Phillips High School in Orlando (Mike Lalone teaches there) usually
does one big workshop a year with a potter. Modest charge. (407)

Clay Factory in Tampa (800) 942-0444 is having Suze Lindsay do a
workshop in Feb. Workshop fee.

At UF we're having Peter Beasecker in for a Nov. workshop, free and open
to the public, sponsored by the student ceramics group. If you'd like to
be put on the FL Potters Guild (UF student ceramics group) mailing list,
send me a note.

I'm teaching a 2 day workshop (majolica) at Atlantic Beach Potters just
south of Jacksonville Oct 3-4, as I recall. Contact Kathy Skaggs (904)
249-4499. Workshop fee.

I'm sure there are more. You might contact Ceramics areas at University
of Central FL in Orlando and University of S FL in Tampa to see if they
have anything planned for the upcoming school year.

There's also a clay co-op in St. Petersburg that at times has sponsored
events. Sorry, I don't have their contact info at home.

So... there's a fair amount of clay activity in your home state...

Linda Arbuckle
Graduate Coordinator, Assoc. Prof.
Univ of FL
School of Art and Art History
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