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cost of electric firing

updated fri 12 dec 97


John H. Rodgers on thu 11 dec 97

-- [ From: John H. Rodgers * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

The subject for firing costs of electric kilns pops up periodically and here
is my $.02/worth.

In my shop in Alaska we were concerned about the cost of electric firing.
Wanted to be sure we had it calculated properly to be able to use it in
figuring our cost of goods manufactured. Called the power company and a
representative came out and set up a meter that took readings right of the
kiln. It read and recorded on a paper strip in a graph form the power
consumption as it occured. It also gave us a printout of a digital record of
the power consumption. The net result was that it was shown that on a 12
hour(porcelain) firing our cost was $8.43..

There was no charge for the service.

John Rodgers
A nice day in Alabama