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updated sat 21 nov 98


Dannon Rhudy on fri 20 nov 98

I have already reported on the workshops that were held here
in Paris at the college ceramics facility. I'd like to add a bit to
that, now that some time has passed.

Both workshops were good ones, and students seemed to enjoy
them a lot. Both Mel Jacobson and Doug Gray demonstrated a
number of things, and each showed the students some techniques/ideas
that I'd not covered.

The results have been somewhere between encouraging and overwhelming.
Mel demonstrated a handbuilt/thrown bottle form/idea that students of any
level could use. They have used it. And used it. And used is
quick. Every student made at least three, some many more. I have a sea
of bottles waiting for the kiln, from 6" to a30" tall.
.. The good part is how much work they've done.
The bad part is - uh - same thing. Gotta fire it all......

While Doug was here he showed them how to make double-walled bowls.
They are now stacked on the tables, crowded onto the (too few) ware carts,
packed into the drying cabinet...some good, some not, some frankly
awful....but there are LOTS of them.

It is remarkable what a different view can do to stimulate
work and thought.

Have others who teach experienced the same sort of thing
re: workshops? Or is it just because we are fairly isolated here
that any fresh idea or approach is so appreciated? I'd like
to hear other experiences, either from teacher or student
viewpoint. To the list if you think it of general interest, or
direct to me if not.


Dannon Rhudy