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what is art? (was unknown craftsman) u' got it so rite dave.

updated mon 5 oct 98


Brian Crocker on sun 4 oct 98

Thanks for being who you are David ,, my wife and I look forward to your
internet comments and so do my fellow =22=22ARTISTS =22=22 at our local Tea =
Tree Gully
Craft Workshop,, the Workshop has Potters, Painters Sculpters, Jewlers, Wood
Workers and Sewing Machine artists ,, in all only 40 bods but lots of =
,, not much paint spilt but all 'good art'.. I must tell you about some of =
spilt art.. I was an engineering type long ago trapped in the world of =
like hell for bugger-all and attended a call to a furniture factory that had=
broblem with a glueing machine,, to do what I had to do I had to clean out =
hot glue from a glue pot to get to the element below.. So as not to make a =
I asked for a few sheets of Hardboard and scooped out the glue and dropped =
onto the board three sheets later i was finished,, the Foreman of the spray
painting department said thats good Ill take the sheets to use to clean out =
spray guns=5B it will save some money =5D so away went the sheets ,, the =
next day I
saw them on the scrapp heap put them in the truck and 'you guessed it all =
bods in the district raved about them' ,,Eat your heart out picasso if I =
had another glue pot I could perhaps make a fortune ..
Kind regards Dave keep it up you give so many people so much joy,,
Brian Crocker.
4 Erica Street, Tea Tree Gully, S.A. 5091
=7B e.mail address =7D
phone-fax 08 8264 4136

=3E ----------------------------Original message----------------------------
=3E =3E----------------------------Original =
=3E =3EIf either the creator of an object or the viewer of an object =
considers it to
=3E =3Ebe is art.
=3E =3EComments?? Arguments????
=3E =3E
=3E This definiton is so inclusive that it becomes meaningless,