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what comes first, size of kiln or size of slab

updated wed 21 oct 98


nikom chimnok on tue 20 oct 98

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>>>I want to make and fire large slabs of paper clay for wall pictures,
>>>square (60cms) or even larger if possible.


I've made some slabs in the 30X60 cm range. Not perfect, but no
serious problems, either--they didn't crack in half, for instance. Paperclay
if slightly overfired will lie down on a shelf when hot, even if it warped
while drying, and I have used that to advantage.
So I say build your big wide shallow kiln. The one I've used to fire
in is two shelves long by one wide. I've also done one piece in a wood-fired
kiln on two shelves leaning against a stack of bricks. That worked fine too.

Good luck,