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wet kilns

updated tue 20 oct 98


Ann Peters on mon 19 oct 98

We knew it was possible, but didn't want to believe it would really
happen - our kiln room overheated the other day and set off the
automatic sprinkler. Hundreds and hundreds of gallons of water poured
out on top of our two Coneart kilns which were at the end of a bisque
and a glaze firing. Most of damage (like broken pots, melted
greenware and soaked cone boxes) is relatively easy to deal with, but
the kilns and Orton autocontrollers are things we could use some
advice about.

Has anyone else out there had this experience? We're hoping that once
the brick dries out and we check all the electrical connections we'll
be ready to fire again. I have also contacted Conart, but as usual
Clayart advice will be appreciated.

Ann Peters
Yellowknife Guild of Arts and Crafts
Yellowknife, NWT Canada