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updated thu 7 jan 99


Joyce Lee on wed 6 jan 99

Have said this several times, but Jan deserves an answer.
I have Robin Hopper's series of "Making Marks," "Form and Function,"
"Beginner" and "Advanced Throwing" videos. Viewed one or another daily
for better part of a year...still watch weekly or monthly to review,
relearn or learn anew. Thorough, professional, inspiring. I also have
Stephen Jepson's series. Also excellent. Both worth every penny. I also
have several other throwing single videos which I would NOT recommend to
anybody...slightly cheaper, but they are difficult to understand or they
fail to remain focused on topic as described on cover. If I had to
choose one series, I'd choose Hopper's. However, I'd not like giving up
Jepson' interested in his throwing classes, too.

In the Mojave firing today...for the first time trying ilmenite, soda
ash, and rutile sprayed, sprinkled or splashed on glazed pots...nervous
but it's high time I decowarded my inner-lion and try to achieve some of
those wonderful effects many of you get while dibbling and dabbling
"stuff" on your pots...can slip be far behind???