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underglazes at high temps...

updated tue 22 dec 98


Hank Ray on mon 21 dec 98


Awhile back I posted about using commercial underglazes at cone 10
reduction... a few folks wanted to know which ones etc.....

Here are the ones that I have had good luck wit;h... the colors are brighter
on a white clay body or porcelain... the underglazes will brown a little
under a heavy body reduction.... The colors are different when fired to high
temps but the names still apply... I use them under a clear glaze and buy
Mayco brand
Deep Red UG-84
Coral Red UG-86
Orange Sorbet UG-85
Bright Yellow UG-46
Apple Green UG-68
Leaf Green UG-21

Pete in OKC Oklahoma......YEEE-HAW!