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underglazes - cmc vs. vgum

updated mon 30 nov 98


John and Sandy Ayres on sun 29 nov 98

I'm also trying to develop a color palette of underglazes for cone 10. I
have been running tests using 1 part Spectrum 1200, 1 part Cerdec stain
and 2 parts water. To this I have added a pinch of bentonite (mixed
with a little water) and a small amount of vgum (1/4 t to about 1/4 c.
of underglaze) I have been reading a lot about CMC in underglazes. Are
veegum and CMC interchangeable?

The results are still a bit grainy at times with certain stains. Would
I add the laundry starch to this mix or substitute it for one of the

Thanks. This testing seems never to end!