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underglaze palette

updated sun 6 dec 98 on sat 5 dec 98

You have to try what's around and find out what feels right for you. But
that is expensive so I'll tell you what I think:

reds and oranges and purples: nobody does as good a job as Amaco velvets.

greens and blues and yellows: I prefer Duncan (whatever anybody
says...maybe Duncan doesn't have snob value but it has good colors)

black: I've been round the block on this one and still prefer Duncan

There are alot of specialty colors on the market these days and you've just
got to try afew and see. Be sure and collect the color charts from the
dealer for each line you decide to try, they will come in handy.

There's alot more to say but that's a start. Remember you can
mix-and-match colors, what is in the jar can be just the beginning!


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