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underglaze at cone 6

updated tue 6 oct 98


Robert S. Bruch on mon 5 oct 98

My experience is with amaco velvet underglazes only:

1) asking about each color at your supplier should help
from using colors that won't hold at cone 6. The tiles
that the companies produce also let you know what to
expect at mid range temperatures.

2) there seems to be a difference in how well the
underglazes adhere to the piece. applying the colors
to greenware renders less chipping than on bisqued pieces.

3) the colors darken considerably when a clear glaze is
applied. Since I was looking for matte finishes and "truer"
colors, I tested mixing small amounts of my clear glaze
in my underglazes. This helped keep the underglazes
adhering to the pots without much darkening or glossiness,
and there is significant variation between the various colors.

4) I use a cone 6 porcelain body and this may be different with
stoneware bodies.

Bob Bruch