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tonyc and sainthood

updated sun 13 sep 98


mel jacobson on sat 12 sep 98

after conferring with the abbott of st. john's university,abby, and fr
anthony, our father on
the net/potter. (he is a trappist, therefore we do not call and chat. write

the catholic church does not `allow` one to nominate ones self for


tony clennell is still considered, a smart mouthed, dirty, dirt potter
and considered the only man in the new world to be able to throw pots in a
fast moving
stream. of course on occasion, his pots look like it.
and as i have repeated many times.........thank god for sheila, she holds
that pottery together. and it is a tough job. if anyone will be considered
for sainthood, it will be sheila. (or perhaps david hendley, or doug gray.)

p.s. and yes, it is nice to have joyce back. but i wish she would not
keep reminding us that she is just makes me feel older.
(well, not as old as bill aycock or tom buck...)
cheers to great friends.