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terra sigillata red

updated thu 14 jan 99


Naomi Rieder on wed 13 jan 99

Here are 2 t/s reds: a maroon red = water 800/ball 180/red iron 15/MNO
5/Calgon 10. Also, one that I've used a lot = ball (KMO4) 50/red iron 50/
water 400/Calgon or Darvan 5. This last one gets you a very bright red, how
bright depending on the type/source of red iron oxide. I find that this mix
has to settle for almost a month. Also, by using Tennessee ball clay, the
results are somewhat deeper. Red Art & ball (KMO4) 50/50 results in a
brownish-red. Since you've been using t/sigs for so long, perhaps you might
know what might cause the t/s to crackle (not flake). I would like this
result but haven't figured out how to get it. I've read that a high soda ash
content in the deflocculant might cause this, but I've had no success. Also,
what deflocculant do you use?
Good luck!