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teacher's mistakes

updated sat 19 sep 98


Bill Bryant on sun 6 sep 98

I would first like to apologize to anyone who is offended by my story. I
assure you I did not mean to say what I did. Anyway.............
Years ago, while teaching a beginning high school class, I noticed a student
who was removing their hands from the wheel too quickly, causing his work to
go off center. After trying a couple of times to explain and show him the
problem, I proceeded to loudly tell him to "stop jerking off". The whole
class went silent and I almost got a hernia trying not to laugh at myself.
To show that students are not immune to such verbal "miscalculations", I have
had two male students, both adults, announce loudly (after trying to lift a
cylinder), "Damnit! I can get it out but I can't get it up!"
It is nice to know that we are ALL just a little less than perfect.
Bill Bryant in a sultry Southern California

Vicki Katz on wed 16 sep 98

I want to say that I laughed out loud at Bill Bryant's message & could not
help but add a story that happened to me.
I am an old woman who decided to go the academic path after throwing pots for
a couple years. When beginning students realize I have some skill, they ask
me for help & a lovely young man was discussing trimming with me one morning
last year. Later that day when I was working on the wheel he came up to me &
said " is it hard enough yet ?" I could not look up ! - I KNEW he was
referring to a pot but my nasty mind just had to get the smirk off my face.
Then he said, " I know you are working, just reach up and feel it." Well,
that did not help my composure. Just remember, old women still have good
memories in areas of importance.
Vicki Katz

Mike Gordon on fri 18 sep 98

I teach high school students, I push them to try larger pieces of clay
to throw with. One day a student was complaining about how difficult it
was and I replied (before thinking) ' THE BIGGER IT IS THE HARDER IT
GETS!" LOL around the room. :) Mike