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sv: soda w/out the soda kiln--self salting

updated sat 5 sep 98


Inge M. Poulsen on thu 3 sep 98


In what kind of kiln are you firering this?

Fra: Cynthia Spencer[]
Sendt: 29. august 1998 14:59
Emne: Soda w/out the Soda Kiln--Self salting

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Many moons ago, Nils Lou wrote a Ceramics Monthly article about his
fantastic self-salted works. He was soaking porcelain bisque in a soda
ash bath. I got some pretty good results with this technique, without any
damage to kiln, nor wares next to mine. Need to stilt everything to keep
from harming shelves. If you spray the work, spray quite heavily several
times, and then allow the work to sit on the shelf forawhile to allow the
crystals to come to the surface. It should be a tad "fuzzy" before you
high fire it.

Maybe if Nils sees this post, he'll refresh everyone's memory about what
issue that was in.

Cynthia Spencer
just down the valley from you

Cynthia Spencer on fri 4 sep 98


^10 natural gas reduction, soft brick kiln. The soda ash crystals blush
the pot, can carbon trap in some areas like a nice shino, and or just
give an overall soft glazing, similar to a soda firing.

Corvallis, OR