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sv: pink stain and address

updated mon 21 sep 98


Isak Isaksson on sun 20 sep 98

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Fren: Dave Eickholt
Datum: den 19 september 1998 16:26
Dmne: pink stain and address

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>I use crystalline glazes with as much as 30 percent zinc, does anyone know
>a pink stain I might use with that much zinc? The Degussa stains don't
>with that much zinc, and where could I find the product in qt.? Thank you
0.10-0.30 nickelcarb and
0.15-0.30 ironxide make light blue crystalls and pink glaze.
I don`t think you have uraniumoxide but:
with 1% coppercarb and 1% ur.ox. you will have green crystalls in a pink

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