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sv: english/swedish pottery dictionary

updated tue 18 aug 98


Isak Isaksson on mon 17 aug 98

-----Ursprungligt meddelande-----
Fren: Robert Wilt
Datum: den 17 augusti 1998 00:05
Dmne: English/Swedish pottery dictionary

----------------------------Original message----------------------------
Colin Lewis has just finished the Swedish portion of our
multilingual pottery dictionary.

The dictionary is available at:

Thanks Colin!

bob wilt

Wi not trei a holiday in Sveden this yer?
See the loveli lakes...
The wonderful telephone system...
And mani interesting furri animals,
Including the majestic Moose!
A Moose once bit my sister...

- Monti Python ik den Holie Grailen (Bok)

//////AND WHAT WAS THAT???????????????????????
Or should i say: is was this?????????

Take care
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