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studio potter network newsletter

updated mon 14 dec 98


Lori Pierce on sat 12 dec 98

Hi Lisa Skeen...I think this info will help answer your questions. The =
Studio Potter, is published in June and in December. A one year subscription=
=2425. A SubscriptionPlus membership ic =2435 and includes the Studio Potter=
Newsletter plus one =246 back issue of one's choice. Current subscribers may
continue to receive Studio Potter Network Newsletter by sending an =
=2410 per year.The addresses are Studio Potter, PO box 70, Goffstown, =
and Studio Potter Network, 451 Chapel St., Harrisville, RI 02830 USA . The =
is 401-568-7941 . I wonder if there is an index to the newsletter, ie B=26B =
Let me know. I would expect most university libraries with solid ceramic
programs would subscribe to both publications...or one of the instructor =
Happy hunting=21 Lori Pierce,

J.M. Jamison on sun 13 dec 98

There was a post asking about Times New Roman
ArialThis should be the web site for the mag