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updated fri 6 nov 98


Stephen Mills on thu 5 nov 98

In message , elizabethcaywood writes
>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>I have a few questions about technical problems I have experienced with my
>ceramics. First, I have been experimenting with terra-sig, and it does not =
>out right for me. I do not have a ball-mill, so I have been making it by =
>Does anyone have an easier recipe or some helpful info to my dilemma. Is =
>a recipe for terra-sig in the raku process?
>Please reply to =3B please indicate subject as I, =
>Christopher V.
Find a copy of Sawdust Firing by Karin Hessenberg, The Complete Potter
series, published in the UK by Batsford (Steve Branfman at the Potters
Shop has probably got a copy). It'll tell you pretty much all you'll
need to know.

Steve Mills
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