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solar kiln articles

updated fri 1 jan 99


C. A. Sanger on thu 31 dec 98

Talk about weird coincidence! I was up late reading an old Studio
Potter, part of a huge pile of 25 back years of pottery magazines I
purchased just before Christmas. Was getting sleepy, decided to turn
one more page, then, WOW! There's that old article I couldn't place on
solar kilns! Actually, there's two articles. They're in the winter
75-76, volume 4, no. 2 Studio Potter. The first is Experimental Solar
Kilns by Zeljko Kjundzic, Pg. 70-73. The second is Firing With Sunlight
by Tom Fresh, pg. 74. If you can't get the journal, they also appear in
a hardback book collecton of Studio Potter's first 6 years, called
Studio Potter Book, edited by Gerry Williams, Peter Sabin, and Sarah
Bodine; a Daniel Clark Book, 1978. The articles are on pages 164-168.
Neither is a ready-to-go kiln plan. But they could really get the right
potter going!

C. A. Sanger
ShardRock Clay Studio
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