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sofa notes... seeking new work for philly.

updated wed 14 oct 98


Wendy Rosen on tue 13 oct 98

I just returned from a whirlwind tour through New England and Chicago...
tired but really excited about all the new stuff I saw... in Chicago Jimmy
Clark exhibited the work of new residents at The Clay Studio... I fell in
love with "Wilt's" work (don't know his last name).

Leslie Ferrin (Ferrin Gallery) had lots of great work also. Sergei
Isupov's work has increased in value by about 30% over last
year...collectors were buying it even faster at 5,000 than at 3,000...
Micheal Sherrill had lots of new gold leaf work in the shapes of oak
leaves... they were really wonderful.

Maureen Littleton represented Don Reitz at SOFA... the crowds were so thick
there that I didn't get a chance to say hello to Don.

It looks like some of the big time glass artists will have some big clear
vessels to cry in after this last SOFA... looks like the stock market dip
reflected in the sales of some of the bigger pieces. It's painfully
obvious that many people budget to spend only the "interest" off of their
portfolios on art... with no gains this year that could mean no sales!
With two shows (one in New York in May) it could be a really tough year.

I also spend a morning at the Worcester Center for Crafts in MASS. The
residents there have wonderful work... more anagama kiln stuff for me... (
I bought some pieces from Dan Anderson recently... ).

To better "balance" the Philadelphia show we are currently seeking
These are the ceramic categories that we are still seeking for the February
Buyers Market...

**Soda Fired Work
**Salt Glaze (Contemporary Forms)
**Sculptural Tea Pots with interesting glazes.
**Matt Glazed Work
**Pit Fired Work (Contemporary Large Forms)
**Lightbodies Dinnerware.
**Large vessels for Ikebana enthusiasts.
**Sculptural work priced at under $1,000.
**Narrative clay work.

Call for an application if you'd like us to review your work for acceptance
in the February or July Buyers Markets.

Best Wishes,

Wendy Rosen
The Rosen Group

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