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soda kiln question and wood kiln available for free (almost)

updated mon 23 nov 98


June Perry on sun 22 nov 98

Hi Everyone:

Since we are moving from our mountaintop retreat into town, I can only take
one of my kilns. :-( Before our house sold I was amassing info/recipes for
soda firing in my wood kiln. Since I need to find a good home for that kiln,
and only have the use of my 17cu.ft. Geil kiln, I need to know if what I read
about soda firing is true -- that it won't leave residue to affect bisque
firings and regular (non-soda), glaze firings. Please tell me that's true! :-)

Also, I'm putting the word out about my wood kiln. I have offered it, via the
grapevine to our local clay group "Clayart", if one of the members would give
it a home and make it available to the group. If no one takes me up on the
offer, then I'd like to give it to an individual who, in return, would give me
the option of a putting 2 shelves of ware in for each firing.
This kiln is brand new! I designed it to be a wood/gas/salt kiln, so it has
Kruzites, Mizzous in the heavy use areas and high alumina soft bricks in the
upper walls and arch. It also has two of Nils Lou's super burners on flex
I have one person who expressed a bit of interest, but I don't know if he will
follow through, since he wouldn't commit to a time to come out and see it. We
have to have our studio and guest apartment emptied by December 10, but we are
renting the house back till around January 8th. So there would be plenty of
time for interested partiest to look at the kiln. I also had it in my house
sale contract, that the wood kiln doesn't have to be removed till late spring/
early summer. So there would be plenty of time to move it.
I designed the kiln on a steel frame so that body of the kiln can be lifted
with a fork lift. The bourry box steel frames were designed to be taken off.
So all anyone has to do is take down the chimney. The Bourry boxes are pretty
well down except for one or two layers of the floor. I was in the proces of
rebuilding them when the house sold!
So if they are any Clayarters or non-clayarters out there in S.Oregon who
would be interested in one of my two proposals, please email me.

Warm regards,