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snap, crackle, pop goes the kiln

updated wed 6 jan 99


Chris Schafale on mon 4 jan 99

Hi there --

Does anyone know what I am hearing? Sharp snap-crackle-pop sounds,
not as fast and furious as the famous cereal, but similar in tone,
noticed especially when the kiln is cooling -- I will hazard a guess
and say from 1000C down to 600 or so? At first I thought I would
open the kiln and find horrible blisters in my glazes or cracks in my
pots, but no. I assume it's not a problem, but I'm very curious what
it is. Any ideas??

Light One Candle Pottery
Fuquay-Varina, NC

Toni Hall on tue 5 jan 99

Chris Schafale wrote:

It sounds like the "pinging" of cooling glaze. When you fire china/ceramics
the clay and glaze expands, and as the glaze cools and compresses back down,
there is a disparity between the rate of compression of the clay versus the
glaze. Miner pings are OK, but check your ware ( when it is cooled to room
temperature) for crazing or hairline cracks in the glaze. I notice the
pinging more when I am firing pottery or ceramic, rather than when I am firing
china. My last suggestion would be to try cooling more slowly, no peaking or
propping early.
Others may have other suggestions for your problems. Hope this helps, Toni
in NM