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updated mon 18 jan 99


Earl Brunner on sun 17 jan 99

I was thinking this morning as I was getting ready for school about this
show thing.
It occurred to me that Mel and some of the others don't NEED to apply to
They have already arrived so to speak. They get invited to INVITATIONAL
they get printed in Ceramics Monthly and Clay Times, and Contact. They
(some of them) have made pilgrimages to t the holy places of pottery,
like Japan, China, Korea, SOMEPLACE else (even Australia). We refer to
them as THE GREAT ONES on clayart. Heck, they even probably JURY
shows. No you don't need to enter shows, but if you want to be
respected and esteemed by your fellow potters ALL of these things are
used to measure whether you have ARRIVED or not. Along with building
your market base whether it be local or far afield.
What makes us work with clay? Fame and fortune? As if!!!
It had better be because we have a relationship with the blasted clay
(it's probably the only mistress I could get away with). Clay and the
fire pull me, frustrate me, tease me,
abuse me, and sometimes lift me really high. And the dance goes on.
With reference to clay, nothing else matters.
Earl Brunner