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updated sun 13 sep 98


Richard Aerni on fri 11 sep 98

Morning everyone...

Just wanted to take a minute and give a report on the sales front from
the show I did this weekend--I'd posted a note last week wondering
whether there would be any negative fallout from the stock market's
fluctuations in sales of crafts.

This is only one person's report, and as such, is worth next to nothing
in terms of statistical analysis of market trends, public mood, etc, but
I am glad to report that I had a very nice show. The turnout was high,
the people seemed not to have a ponderous, negative weight on their
shoulders...they seemed to be buying. In other words, it seemed to be
business as usual.

Now, time to get to the paperwork, the lawn mowing, the packing of
orders, the reorganization of the studio preparatory to the fall rush,
the stacking of firewood, etc., etc., etc.

Richard Aerni

ps. My boneheaded, extra dry, wood ash saturated pots even sold
well...go figure!

gshaffer on sat 12 sep 98

Hi Richard,

Today was my first day at a show in Pittsburgh, Pa. that i have
done for many years, it was the best first day at the fair i have ever
had, I am not worried about this downturn or pending political matter at
all at this point, in fact i this the republicans are so jubilant they
may be out in droves celebrating,,,,,such is life huh.

Good luck all
Gary Shaffer