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shimaoka tatsuzo catalogue

updated sun 6 dec 98


Robert Yellin on sat 5 dec 98

Greetings from rainy Japan-
I guess ya'all know by now that any thing I send has to due with Japan!
I went to Jeff Shapiro's show in Tokyo yesterday nad we had a great time
sushi and drinking sake until the full moon. Most of his pieces sold.
I also went to Tokyo to buy some SHIMAOKA TATSUZO exhibition catalogues-
I have only six out of a limited edition of 2,000. The exhibition was
held recently and
entitled 'TATASUZO SHIMAOKA 80th birthday commerative exhibition: A
year ceramic journey.' It is a soft cover book with all essays and
captions in
English and Japanese. These include, a greeting from the sponsor, a
short essay
"As I turn eighty' by Shimaoka, The ceramics of S.T. and The ceramic art
of S.T.
which covers folk craft pottery,the creation of rope-impressed inlay,
glaze, combined techniques,color, glaze dripping and trailing, salt
kiln effects, and a little more. The first is a two page essay while the
is three and a half pages.
The catalogue has 119 color photos showing 145 pieces- dating from 1949
to the present
and many B&W shots of S.T. throughout his life including a few with
Hamada and Leach. A biography in Japanese only is in the back. $45 plus
$10 for postage.
First come basis.

Here are some others for those interested:
1. Living National Treasure Uichi Shimizu 1998 exhibition- soft cover.
39 pieces
all in color, biography in Japanese. Price list included. $22
2. Bernard Leach 1997 traveling exhibition at various musuems. Opening
essay by
Oliver Watson in Japanese and English. Lots of B&W photos of Leach and
his Japanese
cronies, 177 color photos of works which include sketches- all photos
have English and Japanese captions. Biography and Bibliography in
Japanese. Nice retrospective soft cover catalogue-
3. Three Bizen Living National Treasures- A look at Toyo Kaneshige, Kei
and Toshu Yamamoto- the first three LNT's of Bizen. 1991 soft cover
catalogue with
about forty color photos of each's work, also examples of calligraphy.
All essays and lists
of work in Japanese. Slight yellowing to cover but in very good
condition. $50
4. Shino exhibition- 1998 catalogue of mostly Momoyama period Shino tea
68 color photos including many shots of shards. Nezumi Shino, Neriage
Shino, E-Shino,
works also shown. Essay in Japanese about Shino and kilns. Soft cover-
$35 SOLD
5. LNT Takuo Kato lustre ware 1998 exhibition. Soft cover with 60 color
all essays and such in Japanese. Includes examples of lustre, sansai,
and persian blue
wares. $20
6.Bizen Toshin-kai 20th year celebration catalogue-1989. Large color
photos of
members works, 68 in all plus one Ko-Bizen work. Lists members
address's- nice
overview of contemporary Bizen, no essays. $30
7. LNT Kosei Matsui exhibition of his marbled ware-1998. 30 color photos
with all
essays and bio in Japanese. Stunning work, soft cover, price list
included- $30
8. Nihon no Toji- Japanese Ceramic Masterpieces. Hard cover 1954 book
written by Seichi Okada,
Fujio Koyama, and Seizo Hayashiya- published by Toto Bunka. 10 color
plates, 108 large B&W photos, and 389 smaller B&W photos on top of pages
with essays. An overview of Japanese ceramics from the Jomon period to
1954. Large Japanese essays on styles and background of individual
pieces. Outline History of Japanese Ceramics and detailed information on
106 photos in English
in the back of the book- also an English list of plates. Slight wear on
edge and binding
but in good condition. Rare. $85 SOLD
9.Masterpieces of Contemporary Japanese Craft- Commemorative Exhibition
for the Opening of the Crafts Gallery, The National Museum of Modern
1977- A wonderful catalog that covers pottery, bamboo, textiles,
metalwork. 81 color photos, 90 B&W. Opening essay and list of works are
Japanese and English. Bios on each artist in Japanese. 115 pages,
soft cover. Covers all major artisits of the Showa period- $60
10. Shiro Tsujimura- popular woodfired potter. Iga, Shino, Shigaraki tea
utensils- 56 color photos of works- price list included from this
current soft cover exhibition catalogue- $30
11. Small soft cover catalogues by Ken Matsuzaki, Seksui Ito, and Fumio
$12 each.
Miura Koheiji's recent exhibition catalog- $25