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seagrove stop

updated tue 27 oct 98


Diane Woloshyn on mon 26 oct 98

Just came back from a trip to Penn. Stopped in Seagrove on the way up. Took
the recommendations that I got from the list. Many good things, many poor
things and a few great pieces. Two potters really come to mind. Phil Morgan
and his crystaline glazes. He does an excellant job of showcasing his
pottery. The other is Richard Aerni. Saw several of his pieces in the Blue
Moon Gallery(I think). There was a bowl I just lusted after. Unfortunately,
I didn't have the money to do anything else. Could just picture, serving
company food in it. Would be the envy of everyone. Am already kicking myself
for not just spending the money and worrying about it later.

Diane Florida Bird Lady