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robin hopper's book

updated thu 1 oct 98


Joyce Lee on wed 30 sep 98

Hi Jack,

I've learned so much from Robin's books, especially his glaze book which
gave me my first glimmer of understanding of glazes and how to try to
make them work for me. That one is now the most well worn of all my
books. However, what I really recommend for functional potters is his
series of tapes, which are advertised in Ceramics Monthly, both the
"Making Marks" and "Form and Function." These are worth every penny.
As I learn-practice-experiment and then watch the tapes for the nth time
while nordic-tracking about, I see processes that I just didn't "get" in
previous viewings. Of course, if you can buy both the book and the
tapes, that's even better.

In the Mojave not liking to see my most generous, most blessed with feet
firmly planted in practicality, stretching waaay up to that marvelous,
unquestionable intellect, mentor/teacher, Vince, being attacked
unjustly. (Obviously, if it were "just," it'd be okay...Vince can handle