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ritual art

updated tue 22 sep 98


kpotter on fri 18 sep 98

Hello subscribers,

I am interested in images of ritual objects and altars. Primarily I
am looking for current artwork involving these ideas. I am also open to
suggestions of historical work worth exploration.

If there are any other artists out there working with this subject
matter; let's talk.

Thank's Kirsten Hansen

Indianapolis Art Center on sat 19 sep 98

There is a new show (opens tonight) at the John Waldron Art Center
running from September 18 to October 16, 1998 in Bloomington INdiana
called Objects of Ritual. Their address is 122 South Walnut Street,
Bloomington, IN 47404-6107. Telephon number is (812) 334-3100. The
exhibition director is Keith Romaine, although he was not the curator
for this show. (I have two pieces of hand dyed silk in the show, hence
my knowledge)

Please let me know off list what you find, as this is a personal
interest of mine as well.


Stephanie Robertson
Exhibitions Assistant and fabric goddess

Phyllis E. Tilton on sat 19 sep 98

Kirsten: Please put the 'talk' on the list. I am quite interested in the
ritual arts since I had a contact with a liturgical art store. They have
requests for different and more decorative pieces. I should go to the library
to research some of these forms-the old story of not having enough hours in
the days. I have friends that are mostly Christian but also some Bhuddist and
Thank you!!!
Phyllis Tilton

lpskeen on mon 21 sep 98

kpotter wrote:
> I am interested in images of ritual objects and altars.

For what tradition: Wiccan/Pagan, Xian, Jewish, or other?

I have made communion goblets for xians, altar tiles w/ pentacles,
cauldrons, and incense burners for Wiccan/Pagans, and have made sketches
(but no prototypes yet) for Jewish menorrahs (sp?), all out of clay.
Have also seen the nativity set and angels done in clay as well.
Lisa Skeen ICQ# 15554910
Living Tree Pottery & Soaps
"We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the hateful
words and actions of the bad people, but for the appalling silence of
the good people." -- Dr. M. L. King, Jr. 4/16/63