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results of book survey - longish

updated fri 21 aug 98


amy parker on tue 18 aug 98

I have finally finished tallying the results of the "Favorite Book Survey".
Thanks to all who replied, especially those who sent full information as to
title, ISBN, etc. Since I do not have ISBN's for all, and I don't type
terribly well, I am leaving that part out. However, I have "researched"
the author's names and the book titles, as well as last publication date,
and have attempted to make sure everything is spelled correctly.

I am not going to list the hundred-or-so books that only received one
vote each. I have noted as "OP" if a book APPEARS to be out-of-print.
This does not mean that you cannot find it on a shelf somewhere, but
that I found it marked as no longer available from the publisher.

#1 book:
The Potter's Dictionary of Materials and Techniques 4th edition
Frank and Janet Hamer hardcover 1997

#2 book
Clay and Glazes for the Potter
Daniel Rhodes hardcover 1993

#3 book
The Ceramic Spectrum: A Simplified Approach to Glaze and
Color Development
Robin Hopper hardcover 1984

#4 book
A Potter's Book
Bernard Leach hardcover 1976 OP

#5 books - ties from here on - FirstInFirstOut order
The Craft and Art of Clay
Susan Peterson paper 1996

Functional Pottery: Form and Aesthetic in Pots of Purpose
Robin Hopper hardcover 1986

#6 books
The Spirit of Clay: A Classic Guide to Ceramics
Robert Piepenberg paper 1996,1998

Handmade Tiles: Designing, Making, Decorating
Frank Giorgini hardcover 1994

The Potter's Complete Book of Clay and Glazes
James Chappell hardcover 1991

Hands in Clay: An Introduction to Ceramics
Charlotte F. Speight, John Toki paper 1994
(new printing due out soon)

#7 books
Finding One's Way With Clay: Creating Pinched Pottery and Working
with Colored Clay
Paulus Berensohn 1987 OP

The Complete Potter's Companion
Tony Birks, et al. paper 1998

Illustrated Dictionary of Practical Pottery
Robert L. Fournier hardcover 1992
(a sidebar - there are TWO other dictionaries by this author, both listed
as OP - there was some talk on ONE other - the other two are Ill. Dict.
of Pottery Form and Ill. Dict. of Pottery Decoration)

Pioneer Pottery
Michael Cardew 1976 OP

Ceramics - Mastering the Craft
Richard Zakin paper 1990

Ceramics: A Potter's Handbook
Glenn C. Nelson paper 1984

Tin-Glazed Earthenware: From Maiolica, Faience and Delftware
to the Contemporary
Daphne Carnegy 1993 OP

Val Cushing apparently this is privately published

#8 books
Ceramic Faults and their Remedies
Harry Fraser OP

The Self-Reliant Potter
Andrew Holden OP

The Invisible Core: A Potter's Life and Thoughts
Marguerite Wildenhain hardcover 1973

The Encyclopedia of Pottery Techniques
Peter Cosentino hardcover 1990

Raku: A Practical Approach
Steve Branfman paper 1991

Handbuilt Ceramics: Pinching, Coiling, Extruding, Molding, Slip Casting,
Slab Work
Kathy Triplett hardcover 1997

Zen and the Art of Pottery
Kenneth R. Beittel paper 1990

A Potter's companion: Imagination, Originality, and Craft
Ronlad Larsen, ed. paper 1992

Substitutions for Raw Ceramic Materials
Edouard Bastarache spiral-bound 1998

Out of the Earth into the Fire: A Course in Ceramic Materials
for the Studio Potter
Mimi Obstler paper 1995

---------end of list------------
amy parker Lithonia, GA

Jim Cullen on thu 20 aug 98

Thanks for putting your time and energy into this undertaking.

In my opinion, we potters could spend all of our time reading but, of course,
that wouldn't leave us any time for potting.

Potters are always asked by others, beginners and experienced what books are
available, and what they should be reading to find out more. Now we have that
list and we all thank you for it.

Now you can get back to the business of potting.

Keep Centered
Naperville, Illinois