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raku glazes { white with a little crackle }

updated fri 4 sep 98


Brian Crocker on tue 1 sep 98

Raku - White with crackle
Ferro frit 4110 90 gms
Kaolin 6 gms
Tin 2 gms
Bentonite 1 gm
Barrium carbonate 5 gms =5B the more the matt texture increases =5D
fire to 950C-1020C light reduction
give it a try it works Bye for now,
Brian Crocker.
4 Erica Street, Tea Tree Gully, S.A. 5091
=7B e.mail address =7D

=3E ----------------------------Original message----------------------------
=3E Hello,
=3E Have been doing raku pottery for over three years and
=3E interested in trying some new glazes. Only interested
=3E in glazes that hold their color over long period of time.
=3E Also, I would like to have a white glaze recipe for a
=3E white that appears like the consistancy of white stone
=3E and not the glaze look. Not sure how to explain that
=3E last sentence.
=3E Thanks a lot.
=3E John

Bob Wicks on thu 3 sep 98

In a message dated 9/1/98 10:49:14 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

<< Brian >>
The only way that I know of to preserve the luster on Raku pottery is to spray
them with a protective coat of Krylon. This stops the copper from oxidizing
with the air. If you do not keep the air from coming in contract with the
glaze all of your color will oxidize and have a very drab look. This applies
mainly to reduced Raku projects.