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updated sat 12 dec 98


Beth Yeatman Spindler on thu 10 dec 98

What's wrong with sharing info on clayart about products and companies who
furnish them? Do we need to go another route, perhaps???? A website with
referrals, recommendations, suggestions and just plain old information as to
where to find a pottery supply place in someone's locality???
I remember when I started in pottery......really wanted a wheel and my
instructor would not share any information as to where to get a
wheel...etc.....he did however, want to sell me one for about 1500
dollars.......which was twice the price of the wheel when I saw it at a
pottery supply place........On a visit to the Southland Highlands Crafts Guild
at the Folk Art Center in Asheville, volunteers there graciously shared
information about pottery supply places...Highwater Clays.....and schools that
offered classes in pottery.....this is how I learned of Haywood Community
College's program (if only I were closer) and of course John C. Campbell Folk
School in Brasstown, NC where I have attended two week-long clay sessions and
left there each time with great anticipation of returning......sharing
information about clay's needed and wanted and much least by this potter in the Blue Ridge Mtns Foothills of
I raise my glass of eggnog in a holiday toast to all of you on clayart for the
help and kindness shown me these past two years..........Bless you all! :))

Vince Pitelka on fri 11 dec 98

At 01:30 PM 12/10/98 -0500, you wrote:
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>What's wrong with sharing info on clayart about products and companies who
>furnish them? Do we need to go another route, perhaps????

Beth -
I don't think that this was ever in question. Of course we can share
information about suppliers and products we have found. The point where it
becomes questionable is when commercial suppliers get on Clayart and
advertise their own products. That is where the moderators need to
carefully screen the posts.
- Vince

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