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progress on vince terra sig questions

updated wed 21 oct 98


Lynne Berman on fri 16 oct 98

Vince et al,
Just wanted to keep you up to date. The evaporated terra sig reached 1.125 and
has been applied to a kiln full of pots. It shines even before I burnish it.
No little bubbles were available for me to push around on the pot. It didn't
chip as I burnished with my "Magic Slider" from Home Depot or other teflon
rib. And now, the kiln is on. We leave on vacation tomorrow so final results
may have to wait. Thanks so much.

Lynne Berman

P.S. Vince, I wouldn't have poured the t.s. into the evaporating bowl if I had
thought I had three layers. It's just that there was no visible difference
after ball milling. However, the sludge was essentially solid so it just
stayed put.

Bobbi Bassett on tue 20 oct 98

In a message dated 98-10-16 09:41:57 EDT, you write:

> my "Magic Slider" from Home Depot

To anyone out there.......

Somewhere along the way I must have been "out to lunch" when this was
mentioned. What is this "Magic Slider"? And what makes it work so well?

Lost in PA