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pottery books in another language

updated wed 2 dec 98


Thonas C. Curran on tue 1 dec 98

Ideas, please, on ceramic textbooks and/or pottery magazines in French
(or other languages, for that matter). In a recent Clayart note to Reid
Harvey on the Ivory Coast, I mentioned that reading helps me keep up my
French despite few occasions to use it these days. My son in Paris a few
years ago purchased French translation of A Potter's Book by Bernard
Leach for me, and that has been sufficient to give me a technical
vocabulary in a painless way. It may be that other Clayart types would
be interested in that information, too. Sometimes I read non cerebral
mystery stories in French before falling asleep (local library had
whole collection of translations of Agatha Christie works into French
for some unknown reason),but when I have my wits about me, it's fun to
read about clay and get a different viewpoint. Does Canada have a
French language pottery publication, for example? Thanks in advance.
Carolyn N. Curran aka CNC