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pmi - portable kiln?

updated sat 24 oct 98


lpskeen on fri 23 oct 98

Just got my copy of Pottery Making Illustrated, IMHO the best of the 3
ceramics mags I take when it comes to HOW TO information. For example,
how many zillions of times has somebody described the sawdust firing
process on this l*st? This issue of PMI has directions and PICTURES for
the imaginationally challenged.

I have an issue with the article about sawdust firing that I'd like to
bring up here. The author was writing about someone else who does this
method of firing, and states that on functional pieces, the person puts
a low fire glaze (Mayco) on the inside of the pieces and fires that to
^05 before the sawdust firing.

Although not explicitly stated, this would lead one to believe that she
thinks the "functional" pieces can be used after the sawdust firing;
however, the photos on the front cover and accompanying the article
indicate that the Mayco glaze crackles quite a bit, and she says in the
article that the smoke gets into the cracks. (Just like Raku).

I think this renders the piece Non Functional again, because of the
crackle and whatever might have been contained in that smoke - she is
using copper sulfate and salt for coloring...- Seems like any water one
put in one of these pieces would seep through the crackle. Any other
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