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piccaso catalogue; and isaac button video

updated thu 8 oct 98


Jenny Lewis on wed 7 oct 98


Sorry for the delay in getting this information to the list. The
catalogue for the Piccaso's ceramics exhibitions costs stlg24.50, and
the postage/packaging is stlg15.00. The RA's details are as follows:

Royal Academy of Arts
Burlington House
London W 1

Fax number +44 (171) 300 5724
Telephone +44 (171) 439 7438

Isaac Button:

I asked someone who I hoped might know about the video, and was
told: "The Isaac Button film was a private 8mm recording made
fortuitously just prior to the bank forclosing the pottery. I do not
believe it has ever been commercially produced - a very rare gem."

Which doesn't help anyone much, I suppose! But I hope someone does
manage to find a legal, legally copyable, copy.

Steven at the Potters Shop - I think $300 sounds an outrageous amount
to charge. Tell him/her to forget it - if this is a try-on it won't
work, and then the price will just have to come down, won't it. I
enjoyed the film when I saw it years ago, but I wouldn't dream of
paying that much for a copy of it. Even if I could afford to.
Which I can't. So, that's that. Hope you manage to do some

Jenny Lewis
overlooking Regents Park
where it has just started raining