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updated tue 15 sep 98


Mark Issenberg on mon 14 sep 98

Well I made 3 platters 20" plus . I made the platters with slabs using
bowl shaped forms. I used a lot of bonding clay and ball clay added to a
slurry of paper slurry and clay slurry
Working with p clay was fun.and they were lighter I think after the
bisque. They felt strong. They were up to 3/4" thick.

I rakued 2 of them yesterday and both failed. Major cracks. I guess I
should have used Kyanite in the clay.

I mite try to make more pclay but I just got 100 lbs from Axner.
I will not raku them. I used to spray a lot of under glazes for Cone o6
so I guess i will go back to that method.

Have a great day

Mark in Miami

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