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paul lewing:great guy/great workshop

updated mon 19 oct 98


Dwiggins, Sandra (NCI) on sun 18 oct 98

Just returned from Paul's workshop at the Clay Studio in Philly, held in
conjunction with the Tile Heritage Foundation's annual conference. The people
in the workshop were mostly professional tile makers so it was a great chance to
get lots of information. Paul gave an extremely clear explanation of glaze
chemistry---everyone was amazed that they could actually understand it the way
he explained it. It was also clear how necessary this knowledge is for someone
who wants to "paint" with glazes--variety in color and texture can only be
achieved with some knowledge of what might actually work. We did hands-on tile
painting, which we discovered was not as easy as Paul made it look! The
information he gave us on marketing and portfolio arrangment was very useful.
Altogether, a very worthwhile workshop for me. I would recommend it.

The only problem was that the Clay Studio and the Tile Heritage Foundation did
not make adequate arrangements for people to pick up their fired tiles. Those
who wanted their tiles sent to them (like me) had to pay an extra $20!!!
Fairly exorbitant and not very hospitable of Jimmy Clark, the head of the Clay
Studio. He imposed the fee. It would seem that whoever was in charge of
arranging the workshop should have realized that not everyone lives in
Philadelphia nor were people all staying for the entire week of tile events and
that the tiles would not be ready by the end of the workshop.

We had some fun, too! Paul can give his version of "The Marx Brothers do the
Gallery Scene" when he gets back on Clayart.
Sandy D.