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oil reduction in kiln

updated fri 22 jan 99


Malone & Dean McRaine on wed 6 jan 99

Aloha all:
Anybody ever tried this?? I have heard of a process used by Jeff Mincham of
New Zealand for in-the-kiln reduction of Raku pieces. His work is generally
a little bigger than is easily pulled from a kiln which I think is why he
developed this process. He also fires to cone 1-2 to get more durable
copper matt surfaces. Anyway, he fires up to temp in a brick kiln, shuts
off the fire and seals all the burner ports and door cracks absolutely
airtight with clay & slurry. Then he drips oil into the kiln as it cools
down to about 700f creating a heavy reduction. Then he cools the rest of the
way normally. He gets great textured matt surfaces. Anybody ever tried this???

Dean in Kauai, where it's nice and warm.

clifford on thu 21 jan 99

At 15:36 6/01/99 EST, you wrote:
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>Aloha all:
>Anybody ever tried this?? I have heard of a process used by Jeff Mincham of
>New Zealand for in-the-kiln reduction of Raku pieces.


Martin Willis is an Australian potter who also uses this technique for
reduction. He uses sump oil mixed with diesel fuel. There is an article by
him in POTTERY IN AUSTRALIA vol 36 no 1 autumn 1997 in which he explains the
process and the kiln design etc. If you cant get hold of the magazine i am
happy to send you a photocopy - just send me your snail mail address.
I haven't tried it yet. He is giving a workshop here in Perth this coming
June ( part of the National Ceramics Conference) I may do it if there are
still vacancies as I am interested in different ways to create reduced lustres

Also in Ceramics Monthly September 1998 there is an article by Gilda Oliver
in which she explains her reduction technique for reduced lustres. She
reduces in an electric kiln with kerosene via the simple technique of
putting it in a ketchup bottle and squirting it into the kiln through a
copper pipe inserted into a peep hole. I hope to try this soon. I'll let you
know the results!!

Perth Western Australia