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updated sat 17 oct 98


Frank Gaydos on fri 16 oct 98

Truck wrote:
> ----------------------------Original message----------------------------
> I will be in New York City....over Thanksgiving...11/20-11/30...will
> appreciate any suggestions of clay or clay related gallerys, events,
> etc.
> Thanks in advance for your help.

Dear Truckster,

You are in luck! I just returned from a day in NYC and a Clay show is
going to open at the Metropolitan Museum on Nov.24,98 and run through
May, 30,99.
The show will feature works by Voulkos, Mason and Autio. With selections
from the 'younger generation' represented.

Also, the museum just opened a new gallery devoted to Korean Art with
100 of each medium on display for the initial show. This includes 100
ceramic forms, bowls, vases cups, etc. Many of the works in the show
have never been seen in the west!
The Museum also has gallery after gallery of ancient pottery from around
the world. Its not to be believed.
While there, definitely see the "From Van Eyck to Bruegel"... Show. Its
awesome! ( Even if it is two dimensional.:>) )
The web site for the Museum is

A great source for NYC museum info is located
The list is a yard long.

The Crafts Museum is another must see museum. There is a very nice
Canadian crafts show there now with six potters represented, including
Robin Hopper, Harlan House, Steven Heinfmann, and Satoshi and Louise
Doucet Saito. Also, fabric and glass artists are represented.
While at the Crafts museum be sure to see the glass installation by Dale
Chihuly. (Its hard to miss) Its really overpowering, reaching four
stories into the air.
Also, a modest installation by Betty Woodman, which actually looks like
work left over from a show that did not sell out. Sorry Betty!
Also on display is some Enameling on copper by June Schwarcz.

Another source of information for NY City art shows is the New Yorker
Magazine for the week you plan to visit.
You can view most magazines online at:\/
but they may not have the gallery listings online. There is a good
article about Jackson Pollock this week,which coincides with his
retrospective in two weeks at the Modern Museum in NYC.

Found lots of great books which I did not purchase, instead, wrote down
what I liked and intend to them. ( Actually, did purchase
one, lets hear it for instant gratification.)
("Ettore Sottsass.Ceramics") Ettore is a wild man calming down.

Hope this helps.
Frank Gaydos
510 Gerritt St.
19147-5821 USA