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news re lark book

updated fri 9 oct 98


Bacia Edelman on thu 8 oct 98

I really don't have pull. It so happens when I was first asked to
submit slides for a book there, an editor named Chris Rich started to write
to me. Luckily I kept her e-mail address and here is what she just answered:

Dear Bacia: I am, at this very moment, surrounded by slides, boxes,
computer files, and more than 300 complimentary copies of the Ceramic
Design Book, which I am single-handedly packing and mailing out along with
the original visuals that artists submitted. We have no clerical help in
this newly-formed division, and I'm just short of going completely bonkers.
I do hope to mail every last copy no later than this coming Monday. Please
don't think I've forgotten any of the wonderful ceramic artists who've been
so generous with their work!!!
So, have patience. At least we can hope to see the book next week, ......maybe!
Cheers, Bacia Edelman