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new/old kiln

updated tue 22 sep 98


mel jacobson on mon 21 sep 98

without question, if you get an old kiln, don't know much about
it...(thanks john for
reminding us.) i would spray it with a coat of ITC100, then after several
spray it again with ITC 256. (top coat)

i have just done this to a L&L kiln that is 20 years old, was heavily used
by a friend
that did `not` use commercial lead glazes, but was still used a great deal. i
added new hinges, sorta cleaned the wiring around the coils...(polished the
connections for better current flow.) it is a single phase kiln.

the kiln is like new, fires very fast, and is twice the size of my old
bisque kiln.
i only use my electrics for bisque, and they last forever.

i wired it with a 60 amp pushmatic breaker, no 6 copper wire with a run of
18 feet from the box. the wire does not get warm when firing (the first
i placed the kiln next to my gas kiln and away from my throwing area. (i have
expanded my kiln room and dry storage area and had the extra room.)

it is very interesting to note that after years of exhaustive research,
nils lou
in his new book, "The Art of Firing", compares the invention of ITC sprays
with the invention of the IFB. After exhaustive research with using ITC
on both soft brick and fibre in our new salt kiln at the farm....i agree.

Using this product on any used electric kiln, if you follow the instructions,
and are careful in the application, will enhance the life of the old thing.
most of us that have tested this product have never claimed that you will
save tons of money, that it will perform miracles, that it will turn your pots
into `warren mackenzie's` . it is a nice product that will save your kiln
from wear
and tear, enhances the firing slightly, and will save you a few bucks over
the life of your kiln. i have no problem endorsing this product. (just as
i have
endorsed skutt kilns and brent wheels, i have almost 40 years of experience
with clay products, and have opinions)
it just plain works for what it was intended, a simple, high temp coating.

as i have said before, i received a baseball cap, some pens, and a tiny
from alice, and when i was in texas, dannon rhudy took my pen...(she is like
that you know.) oh, yah, at nceca i got an itc screw driver and a tea
shirt that
did not fit me....need a 2x....(i think tonyc took my tea shirt at nceca,
and hey,
you know what? got the molson cap/say's canada on the back.)
when i wear it, sharlene say's i get real quiet.


p/s speaking of rituals, i went to an outdoor wedding last weekend, the
minister wore a super short mini skirt, talked about how `cool` this
couple was,
planes roared overhead, people walked and talked during the ceremony,
the bride watched the crowd, and did not once pay attention to the
ceremony. a person walking their dog, walked right in front of the minister,
stopped, looked around, then went on.
am i missing something here? anything wrong here? in my heart i do
not think they are married. not one thing was done to accommodate the
the modern ritual, selfishness.