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updated tue 3 apr 01 on sun 4 oct 98

New books are coming out of the woodwork! We have received about 20 new ones
since the printing of our summer fall catalog. Among them is American Art Tile
(mentioned recently on CLAYART) and a whole bunch more!

Steven Branfman
The Potters Shop
781 449 7687

Karen Gringhuis on fri 9 oct 98

Steve - thank you for the heads up on new books coming out of the
woodwork but.....SOOOO? Where does that leave us? We can wait
for your next mailer for which I am always grateful! Or if they're
really hot, can you do a mini-catalog right here on Clayart?
OR do you have a web site which is a mini-catalog? I for one
would LOVE to see update info right here. Just thoughts from
a former retailer/direct response person. Karen Gringhuis on fri 16 apr 99


At the risk of appearing mercenary, (though I just want to be helpful!)
recent talk of books of all sorts on CLAYART prompts me to announce that we
have a load of new titles here in the shop. Among them are some very exciting
books including "Picasso: Painter And Sculptor In Clay", "The Unexpected,
Artists Ceramics Of The 20th Century", "Surface Decoration For Low Fire
Ceramics", "What Every Potter Should Know", "World Ceramics", and a host of

Give us a call in the shop for more info on these and others.

Happy reading,
Steven Branfman
The Potters Shop
781 449 7687

Edouard Bastarache on sat 9 oct 99

Hello all,

my book =22Substitutions for raw ceramic materials=22, also available in =
=22Substitutions de mat=E9riaux c=E9ramiques complexes=22
and in spanish =22Sustituciones de materiales de cer=E1mica complejos=22,
is now available in portuguese, one version for Portugal and one for Brazil.
The title is the same for both versions =22Substitui=E7=F5es de materiais =


Edouard Bastarache

Steven Branfman on mon 7 aug 00


There are lots of new books that have publised over the last few months. Two
that I know everyone has been waiting for are "Revealing Glazes, The Grid
Method" By Ian Currie and The Extruder Book" by Daryl Baird. Both are finally
IN STOCK!! Daryl's book is quite nice, hardcover, all color photos, well
written and chock full of great info especially on the technical aspects and
specifications of extruders. List price is $35.

There is some confusion about Ian Currie's new book, "Revealing Glazes"
($40). It is not a revised edition of "Stoneware Glazes: A Systematic
Approach" ($38). It is a completely new book. One is not a substitute for the
other. "Revealing Glazes" is about understanding glazes and materials and how
to work with glazes on a practical level. "Stoneware Glazes......" is a
complete course on formulating glazes from scratch. As expected, Ian's new
book shows off what a wonderful teacher he is!

There you have it!!!

Steven Branfman
The Potters Shop

Steven Branfman on wed 6 dec 00


There seems to be some confusion about a new book by Robin Hopper. People are
asking about the "new Robin Hopper glaze book " Robin has not written a new
book though the amount of work he did is equal to or greater than that! He
has revised and expanded "Clay And Glazes For The Potter" by Dan Rhodes. The
book has been released and is available. He has also written a revised
edition of his book "Ceramic Spectrum" which will not be available until late

While we are on the subject, the new edition of "The Kiln Book" by Fred
Olsen is due to be released in March. The new edition of "Out Of The Earth,
Into The Fire" by Obstler has been delayed and is due mid December. The new
edition of "Illustrated Dictionary Of Practical Pottery" by Robert Fournier
is out and available.

regards to all,
Steven Branfman
The Potters Shop

Steven Branfman on mon 2 apr 01


NCECA was again a whirlwind of activity! Meeting new people and reconnecting
with old friends as well as putting faces and names together is the
hands-down highlight for me.

Here's some book news from the conference: Long out of print, "Pottery
Decoration" by Tom Shafer and "Ceramic Science For The Potter" by WG Lawrence
and RR West are available again. A thank you goes to Howard Axner for
reprinting these titles that have been in demand since their going out of
print years ago.

Also, a second video by Don Davis "Pottery Basics #2, Lids, Handles, and
Spouts" is now available. It shows the process of throwing and assembling
mugs, teapots, pitchers and teapots.

For more info on these and other new titles just call the shop or e mail

Steven Branfman
The Potters Shop
31 Thorpe Rd.
Needham MA 02494, USA
781 449 7687
fax: 781 449 9098